A Snark Manifesto

First, just to get it out of the way, it’s been five months. Life happened. It was too much. It’s better now.

Now, on to the manifesto.

I am renaming this blog Story Snark. Why? Well, first, because alliteration. Obviously. Also it’s sort of a pun. Story Arc, Story Snark. Get it? I didn’t say it was a good pun.

Anyway. Back to why. Let’s break this down.

First, the story part. So, obviously, I’m into books. But I also like all sorts of other forms of storytelling, and I wanted a platform where I could write about things like movies and television and podcasts and all the other media we use to tell stories. This part is pretty straight forward.

Now, the snark. Let me begin by saying that this blog is not going to be exclusively negative. I don’t intend spend all my time reading bad books and writing scathing takedowns of them. I would love to only consume media that delights and inspires me and use this space to spread the world about all of the wonderful perfect things I have discovered.

But there’s a few cold hard facts that cannot be ignored (Please note, I am going refer to books throughout because they are the form I consume most and because it’s easier):

  1. I am a snarky, grumpy, critical person. That means I am a snarky, grumpy, critical reader. And writer. The snark is part of my perspective, and to edit it out would mean writing in a voice that is not my own.
  2. Nothing is perfect. Nothing. There are flaws in even my very favorite books, and talking about them does not lessen how much I love them.
  3. There are too many books in the world and too many of them are bad, poorly written, boring, unimaginative, or just straight up mediocre. To cut them slack and not call this out, all in the name of being “nice,” seems like an insult to the good and great books.
  4. This is not a judgment on those who feel differently than I do, but I am just not interested in blanket positivity. Not just in books, but in any area of life. Uniform positivity can mask a lot of nuance and messy bits, which are often the parts that interest me most.
  5. I take books too seriously, and bad books legit make me mad. This is my blog, and I’m gonna snark at them if I want to.

So, there it is. Why I’m going to proudly proclaim my snark.




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